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KORSCH AG – the specialist in tablet press technology and MEDELPHARM, the global leader for compaction simulators, offer together the most advanced line of R&D tablet compression equipment in the world. This common line covers the full spectrum from single-punch presses, through compaction simulators and small-scale rotary presses.

Leveraging the companies’ combined 135-plus years of experience with small-scale, fully instrumented machines, the R&D product portfolio addresses and overcomes longstanding challenges, from early stage powder characterization and formulation development to scale-up and production support.

Like the MEDELPHARM Science Laboratory in Lyon, France, the KORSCH Innovation Centers in Berlin Boston and Hyderabad have installed the STYL’One Evo and STYL’One Nano machines for demonstration, testing and, by simulating the full range of KORSCH production equipment, product trials with predictive results. The facilities in Lyon and Berlin also are offering contract services including formulation optimization, powder analysis, and material characterization.