Environmental Monitoring Services Ltd

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Telephone: +353 1 295 7373
Email: info@ems.ie


Established in 1988, EMS are a leader in the cleanroom business providing our clients with a complete cleanroom performance testing service.

EMS offer clients complete cleanroom monitoring solutions ensuring quality by design from inception to implementation, including:
• Cleanroom certification service
• Biosafety cabinet and isolator certification service
• Full range of solutions in Cleanroom / Particle Monitoring
• Calibration Laboratory to include repairs to manufacturers specification
• Validation
• End to end service in the provision of designing systems, project managing systems, full maintenance and complete validation package
Our calibration laboratories are regularly audited by Particle Measuring Systems Inc, the established global leader in microcontamination monitoring.

Get in touch to learn more about EMS Particle Solutions and how we can help your business for all your cleanroom needs.