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Harnessing Raman Imaging to Boost Pharmaceutical Product Analysis, From Formulation to QC

Drug development is a long road with many dead ends to avoid. Part of the journey involves understanding the spatial distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients, investigating final product homogeneity and differentiating chemically similar molecules such as polymorphs, to guarantee product quality and to maximise process efficiency. To ensure that the correct route… Read more »

STYL’One Compaction Simulators : from Excipients/API Characterization to Scale-up Support

Compaction simulators offer the capability to replicate tablet compression parameters at production scale right from the development steps – using minimal material quantities. This presentation will focus on the fundamentals of compaction simulator design and will present several case studies around material characterization, formulation development, scale-up and troubleshooting of tablet defects. It will highlight the… Read more »

Novel Excipients For Parenteral Formulations

Excipients are typically the major components in a drug product. Many formulations contain only a small percentage of the active drug molecules. Pharmaceutical excipients or additives are compounds added to the finished drug products to serve a specific function. Injectable products require a unique formulation strategy. The formulated product must be sterile, pyrogen-free, and, in… Read more »

Surfactants in Bioformulation: Are We at the End or the Beginning of a Journey?

This presentation will review and highlight the importance of surfactants in the production and formulation of biological actives for the biopharma industry. It will introduce and explain BASFs approach to this key class of functional materials for the biopharma industry, and the impact of excipients on biologics formulations. It will also cover the effect on… Read more »

Enabling Decarbonisation of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Sustainability is integral to everything we do. From the raw materials we source and the way we use them, to the ingredients we create, we believe in being a responsible company By 2030 we will be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, helping to provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Excipient… Read more »