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Improving Palatability Oral Dosage Form

One of the major huddles in formulation is to improve the palatability of oral dosage forms, especially now when we are developing medicines for paediatrics and geriatric populations. Palatability is one pharmaceutical attribute of dosage forms which affect patient’s acceptability of an oral medicinal product and it is crucial for compliance to their treatment. The… Read more »

Benefits of Dry Granulation using Roller Compaction

In today’s competitive Pharmaceutical markets, finding production cost advantages is essential. Dry granulation has in the past only been considered beneficial for heat or moisture sensitive products, however with the latest Roller Compactor technologies, this process can be used for a wide range of products. The presentation will explain the principle of Dry granulation and… Read more »

Hygienic Seals – Insights Into Safe Pharmaceutical Production

Bio-films are difficult to remove, are often resistant to normal sanitation procedures, and can result in detrimental process effects. Even when a surface appears to be clean the presence of bio-films is a potential hazard that must be eliminated and prevented from reoccurring. The presentation gives insights into avoiding bio-film build up, and the benefits… Read more »

A Convenient Formulation of Orodispersible Mini-tablets for Pediatric Administration

Orodispersible mini-tablets (ODMT) are a beneficial dosage form for pediatrics and geriatrics. Furthermore they can be used for flexible dosing in broader Patient Groups. A recent study to determine the suitability of agglomerated Isomalt, a Disaccharide alcohol, as a direct compression filler-binder for producing ODMT with hydrochlorothiazide and enalapril maleate, as model commonly used pediatric… Read more »