Call for Presentations 2024

Please use the form below to submit your presentation paper proposal for consideration for inclusion in the conference programme. The Call for Papers is open to all individuals and companies wishing to be considered for the 2024 conference.

Submitting your presentation proposal 

Please submit a summary (300-words max.) containing the main points of your proposed presentation. Key learning points from the presentation are also a requirement for the presentation submission. Presentations will be selected on the basis of quality, originality, and relevance. Marketing-derived presentations, or those seeking to advertise particular products or services, will be rejected. There is no cost for submitting a presentation, nor is there a cost for presenting if the presentation is chosen for the conference. There is no limit on the number of submissions permitted from an individual or a company. Presentations should be submitted in the name and with the contact details of the  person that will be delivering the presentation.

The Call for Presentations closes on 30 April 2024

Please note: 

– All submissions and presentations must be in English

– All presentations should be submitted in the name of the person that is intending to present them

– More than one presentation proposal may be submitted by any company or individual as separate applications

  • Please submit 3-5 learning points for your proposed presentation.
  • If your presentation involves more than one speaker, please include their name, job title, company name and bio in this box, along with the bio of the person making the submission, who should also be a speaker on the presentation.
  • Please attach a jpg image of the proposed speaker of this presentation.